Nick’s Group Offers Some of the Best Lobster in the World!

Nick’s Group offers some of the best lobsters in the WORLD

Embarking on a legacy that spans generations, the Rosskelly family of Forster, New South Wales, Australia has immersed themselves in the art of fishing for over 30 years. From great grandfathers to their own sons, the family’s dedication to the craft is unmatched. In this maritime tradition, Steve Rosskelly stands as a beacon, exclusively supplying Nick’s with an astounding 500kg of live Eastern Rock Lobsters on a weekly basis, a commitment he has upheld for over seven years.

Steve’s passion for his craft is evident in the lengths he goes to bring the finest lobsters to Nick’s. Setting out to sea for 12 hours per trip, the Rosskelly family frequents the vast waters from Botany Bay to Crowdy Head, North of NSW. Their two meticulously maintained boats, a 41-foot Steber and a 60-foot Southerly, serve as vessels of both tradition and innovation, ensuring that every lobster that graces Nick’s tables is not only a culinary delight but also a testament to the Rosskelly family’s unwavering commitment to the sea.

Fresh Lobster
Steve Rosskelly catches the Nick’s lobsters

Steve’s innovative use of on-demand ropeless gear is revolutionizing the lobster supply chain, providing a consistent and reliable source that transcends the challenges posed by unpredictable ocean currents and weather conditions. This cutting-edge approach enables him to efficiently meet and fill his allotted quota, reaching fishing grounds up and down the coast with precision.

Beyond the operational efficiency, there’s an environmental conscientiousness ingrained in every catch. The lobsters delivered to Nick’s are harvested using sustainable and whale-safe methods, a commitment that resonates with diners who appreciate not only the exquisite taste but also the ethical and responsible sourcing behind every succulent lobster on their plate. Steve’s dedication to sustainable practices ensures that every dining experience at Nick’s is not just a feast for the senses but also a celebration of ocean-friendly choices.

The Eastern Rock is arguably the best tasting lobster in the world
The Eastern Rock is arguably the best tasting lobster in the world

The Eastern Rock is arguably the best tasting lobster in the world and stock is currently at its best since the 1950’s due to the increase in quota – so it really is the best time to enjoy them especially when they come straight from sea to plate at a Nick’s Seafood Restaurant!

The secret of keeping the ‘freshness’ of the lobsters at Nick’s restaurants

The key to preserving the unparalleled freshness of the lobsters at Nick’s Seafood Restaurants lies in the colossal live tanks housed in their dedicated warehouse. These expansive tanks serve as the temporary homes for the lobsters, maintaining their vitality until they are ready to grace the plates of eager diners. With daily deliveries tailored to the unique demand of each restaurant, these live lobsters are a testament to Nick’s commitment to serving the finest, cooked-to-order seafood delicacies. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary journey that begins with the assurance of freshness from the moment the lobster leaves the tank to the moment it arrives on your plate.

Demand for the exquisite lobsters at Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group is nothing short of extraordinary, with over 300 kilos flying off the plates each week. It’s a continuous whirlwind of lobster delight, a testament to the unwavering popularity of these oceanic treasures among our discerning guests.

What sets the dining experience apart is the freedom of choice afforded to our patrons. Indulge your palate with a personalized touch by selecting from a tempting array of preparations – be it the rich flavors of Garlic Butter, the creamy goodness of Mornay, the pristine taste of Natural, the indulgent allure of Thermidor or the zesty kick of Salt & Pepper. The options are as diverse as they are delectable, ensuring that each bite is a culinary adventure tailored to your taste buds. Prepare for a journey of gastronomic delight as you savor every mouthwatering rendition of our renowned lobsters.

If you’re wondering how Nick himself enjoys his lobsters personally, it is natural and unwashed, so you get to taste the real flavours of the ocean! It is no surprise, after all, Nick’s philosophy has always been to keep the cooking and ingredients simple, so you keep the freshness of each product, be it a lobster or any of his other delicious and locally sourced crustaceans!

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