Nick’s F&B Supplier Becomes An Iconic Sydney Providore

Step into the vibrant world of Nick’s Restaurant & Bar Group

Meet Robert, our dedicated supplier, the heart and soul behind our exquisite fruits and vegetables, hailing from Medan – Indonesia! Having migrated to Australia at a tender age, Robert’s journey has been intertwined with a deep-seated love and passion for Australian produce. Growing up surrounded by the finest, he developed an innate ability to spot the best of the best, making him an integral part of our culinary journey.

Embarking on a flavorful venture, Robert laid the foundation for Pro Bros Providore in 2003, right in the heart of Sydney. Despite facing initial challenges in breaking through, his unwavering dedication and boundless optimism ultimately opened the door to a serendipitous encounter with Nick Manettas – the visionary owner and director of Nick’s Restaurant & Bar Group nestled in the bustling Darling Harbour.

From humble beginnings to culinary prominence, Nick’s Restaurant & Bar Group became Robert’s inaugural foray into the world of hospitality supply. Over the years, Pro Bros Providore, under Robert’s adept guidance, has evolved into a trailblazer among fruit and vegetable providores. Now standing tall as a stalwart in the industry, Pro Bros caters to over 300 esteemed establishments in Sydney City and its environs, including restaurants, hotels, and other fine establishments, delivering nothing short of the absolute highest quality produce and service.

In the heart of Flemington Markets, Robert’s dedication knows no bounds.

Working tirelessly from midnight till the early hours, Pro Bros Providore boasts a substantial warehouse that allows them to curate a diverse range of fruits and vegetables – from the everyday to the exotic, seasonal delights, organic treasures, and hard-to-find gems. Every day, like clockwork, Robert ensures fresh deliveries to Nick’s, consistently impressing with top-notch produce and service. At Pro Bros, it’s all about persistence, honesty, and hard work.

“Nick orders tomatoes and avocados more than anyone else in the business” says Robert.

Grateful for the opportunity Nick extended, Robert has become an invaluable asset to us. His team, experts in specific product ranges, is backed by dedicated admin and logistics teams, all enhancing the service to Nick’s. Robert’s golden rule: “Be honest to your customer and treat them like family. Customers always come first, just like our families do!” We wholeheartedly embrace this ethos at Nick’s Group, a proudly family-owned Australian business!

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