Sweet Creations by Pastry Chef Lina Chai

Pastry Chef Lina Chai, celebrated for her imaginative approach to dessert creations, artfully blends the finest ingredients to craft delicious sweet treats that not only tantalize the taste buds but showcase her unwavering dedication to perfection, earning her a distinguished place within the culinary realm of Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Pastry Chef Lina Chai inherited a profound appreciation for culinary arts from her mother and grandmother, who instilled in her a love for crafting delicious meals. Initially uncertain of her natural aptitude for culinary pursuits, Lina’s trajectory took an unexpected turn.

Her journey into the realm of pastry commenced during her tenure as a managerial figure at a café in Malaysia, where she was introduced to the intricacies of pastry making. Relocating to Australia for her studies further fueled her burgeoning interest in this domain.

While pursuing her education, Lina found herself drawn to part-time employment at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, where she immersed herself in the world of desserts and pastries, absorbing knowledge from seasoned chefs and refining her skills. Despite encountering challenges and moments of self-doubt, Lina’s passion for pastry remained unwavering.

As time progressed, Lina’s perseverance and diligence enabled her to develop proficiency and creativity in the kitchen. Supported by the director of Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group, as well as her family, colleagues and satisfied patrons who reveled in her confectionary delights, Lina persisted through adversity.

Through unwavering determination and an unyielding commitment to her craft, Lina transitioned from a café manager with uncertain culinary confidence to a distinguished pastry chef, exuding a profound love for crafting sweet indulgences.


Today, my desserts not only bring joy to those who taste them but serve as a testament to my journey of self-discovery and growth at  Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group.

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