$25 Delicious Specials

Cheeseburger and soft drink


  • $25 Ocean’s Finest Grazing Plate:
    • includes panko, parmesan & black sesame crumbed calamari rings served with aioli, smoked salmon, pickled octopus served with cocktail sauce & kathy’s homemade taramasalata served with toasted turkish bread.
    • available until 30th june
  • $25 Burger & Soft Drink:
    • bbq cheeseburger with smoked cheddar, gem lettuce & sliced tomato on a brioche roll with bbq sauce served with chips and a glass of soft drink (add Bacon +$3)
    • available until 30th june
  • $25 Bacon cheeseburger Pizza & Soft Drink:
    • tomato-based pizza with chicken, bacon & topped with golden fries, ketchup & american mustard served with a glass of soft drink
    • available until 30th june

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