Chandon SHandcrafted orange bitters infused sparkling wine
served on ice and garnished with an orange peel
Aperol SpritzAperol, De Bortoli King Valley Prosecco and soda.
Served in a wine glass with an orange wheel
Hot Pink G&TBeefeater Pink Gin, Joseph Cartron Lychee
Liqueur, watermelon juice and tonic water.
Served in a large wine glass with lychees,
mint and strawberries
Smoke ‘n’ RoseKraken Black Spiced Rum, Belvedere Pure
Vodka and Mr Boston Dark Crème de
Cacao. Served in a wine glass with orange
slices and smouldering rosemary
Strawberry KissBeefeater Pink Gin, Santa Marta
Limoncello, Monin Lavender Syrup, fresh
lemon juice and a dash of grenadine
Lychee MartiniStolichnaya Vodka, Joseph Cartron Lychee Liqueur,
cloudy apple juice, lychee puree and lychee
100’s & 1000’sFairy floss infused Vodka, Wenneker Peach Schnapps,
cranberry juice & a squeeze of lime. Served straight up
in a 100’s & 1000’s rimmed cocktail
Lychee BabyChambord & Joseph Cartron Lychee Liqueur, mixed
with strawberry puree & topped with ginger beer.
Served tall
Gummy BearBulldog London Dry Gin, Joseph Cartron Peach
Liqueur, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, passionfruit
puree and Fee Bothers Peach Bitters.
Served tall with ice bowl and gummy bears
Pineapple & Coconut MargaritaJose Cuervo1800 Coconut Tequila and
Mr Boston Triple Sec with pineapple juice,
Monin Coconut Syrup and a dessicated
coconut rim
BananaramaCargo Cult Spiced Banana Rum,
Mr Boston White Crème de Cacao,
Butterscotch Schnapps, milk and gomme
syrup. Served in a brandy balloon and
served with candied banana
LegacyArdbeg 10yo Whisky, Fee brothers
Molasses Bitters and Canadian Maple Syrup.
Served on an ice ball in an old fashioned
JaffaHennessy VS Cognac, Cointreau, Mr Boston Dark
Crème de Cacao and a dash of Fee Brothers Aztec
Chocolate Bitters. Served in a warm brandy balloon
with a burnt orange zest
Aperol SpritzAperol, De Bortoli King Valley
Prosecco and soda. Served in a
wine glass with an orange wheel
Bulldog NegroniBulldog London Dry Gin,
Campari, Cinzano Rosso, served
short over ice with an orange
Dark & StormyKraken Black Spiced Rum,
Schweppes Ginger Beer, fresh
lime & Angostura Bitters. Served
tall & garnished with fresh lim
Long Island IcedPeters Trading Co Vodka, Jose
Cuervo Especial Reposado
Tequila, Gin, Angostura Reserva
Rum, cola & lemon. Served tall
& garnished with lemon
Strawberry DaiquiriAngostura Reserva Rum, Joseph
Cartron Creme de Fraise
Liqueur & strawberry puree.
Served frozen & garnished with
fresh strawberry
Espresso MartiniStoli Vanil Vodka, Kahlua with a
shot of espresso. Served straight
up & garnished with freshly
roasted coffee beans
Pimms No.1 CupPimms No.1 and Gin with
strawberries, cucumber and
mint, topped with ginger ale
Mango DaiquiriAngostura Reserva Rum &
mango puree. Served frozen and
garnished with fresh pineapple
Caipiroska(Classic, Strawberry, Passionfruit
or Lychee) Vodka mixed with
muddled limes & sugar. Served
short & garnished with crushed
ice & fresh lime
Mojito (Classic, Lychee,
Mango or Passionfruit)
Angostura Reserva Rum,
muddled lime, mint & sugar.
Served tall & garnished with a
mint sprig
Very Long Island Iced TeaPeters Trading Co Vodka, Angostura Reserva Rum, Gin,
Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado Tequila with lime & lemon
juices, lemon squash and pepsi cola
Sunset SpritzAperol, De Bortoli King Valley Prosecco and soda.
Served with orange wheels
Berry the HatchetPeter’s Trading Co Vodka,
Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, House Cuvee
Brut, Cranberry Juice, lychee puree and
mixed berries
Tempura Calamari Tenderswith sweet chilli sauce$14.00
Calamari Ringscrumbed in panko & black sesame seeds with lime aioli$14.00
Beer Battered Chipswith chive sour cream & sweet chilli sauce$10.50
Trio of Dipsselection of taramasalata, black olive tapenade, smoked salmon & dill dip, served with organic sourdough$18.00
Potato Scallopsserved with lemon & samos vinegar dressing$9.00
Caesar Saladwith poached egg, crispy pancetta, croutons & parmesan shavings (chicken or smoked salmon) $5 extra$14.00
Fried Fish & Chipsserved with lemon and tartare sauce$18.00
Southern Fried Buttermilk
Chicken Wings
with spicy habanero hot$16.00
Salt & Pepper Calamariwith coconut sweet chilli sauce$16.00
Fried Onion Rings$10.00
Beef Nachos to Shareguacamole, beans dip, sour cream & cheese$18.00
Chargrilled Wagyu Beef Burgertomato, lettuce, sliced beetroot & cheese, served with chips$24.00
Angus Steak Sandwichserved on toasted turkish bread, fresh rocket leaves, sliced juicy beetroot, roma tomato, fried brown onion topped with our house bbq sauce, accompanied with chips.$24.00
Southern American Chicken Burgercrispy free range chicken, avocado, tasty cheese, lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise on sesame seed bun$24.00
Cold Seafood Platefresh king prawns, marinated
octopus, rock oysters, marinated
mussels & smoked salmon with
cocktail sauce, tabasco & lemon
Crispy Fish Tacoswith soft tortilla, pickled onion,
jalapeno, chipotle mayonnaise
(3 pieces)
Lobster Tacoswith soft tortilla, pickled onion,
jalapeno, chipotle mayonnaise
(3 pieces)
Margheritabuffalo mozzarella & torn basil leaves$19.00
Pepperonispicy salami, mozzarella with a tomato base$23.00
Vegetarian Deluxeroasted peppers, red onion, marinated artichokes, mushroom, kalamata olives with buffalo mozzarella$21.00
Vegetarian Delightroast butternut pumpkin, spinach, marinated fetta & roasted capsicum$21.00
Hawaiianham & pineapple$23.00
BBQ Meatloversham, sopressa salami, pepperoni, crispy pork belly, chorizo & bacon with mozzarella & cyren’s bbq sauce base$23.00
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizzachicken, cheese and bacon with fries, mustard and ketchup$21.00
Chilli Prawnking prawn & jalapeno chilli$24.00
Chicken Souvlakimarinated in lemon & oregano with spiced garlic yoghurt & parsley$22.00
Surf & Turfking prawns with grilled chorizo and fresh sliced tomato$23.00
Pizza Marinaraking prawn, mussels & baby calamari on a rich tomato sauce with shredded mozerella, torn basil & fried capers$23.00
Tandoori Chicken Pizzaspiced marinated chicken, baby spinach, avocado & lime yoghurt$22.00
Supremoham, pepperoni, chorizo, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, olives, onion & mozzarella$24.00
Truffled Ham & Mushroomgypsy ham, wild mushrooms,
mozarella & black truffle
Moroccan Lambmoroccan spiced lamb with roast
pumpkin, spanish onion and coriander,
finished with lime yoghurt
Chicken Pestoroast chicken breast on a pesto
and tomato sauce base with fetta,
mozzarella and sun-dried t
Eggplant & Ricotta (V)grilled eggplant, confit shallot & ricotta
finished with baba ganoush & baby
Gluten Free Bases are available
Great Northern Super Crisp Lager 3.5%$7.50$11.00
Carlton Draught 4.6%$8.00$12.00
Pure Blonde 4.2%$8.00$12.00
Four Pines Pacific Ale 3.5%$8.00$12.00
Fat Yak Pale Ale 4.7%$8.50$13.00
Coopers Pale Ale 4.5%$8.50$13.00
Stella Artois 5.0%$9.00$13.00
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1%$9.50$14.00
Asahi Super Dry 400ml 5.0%$9.50
Bulmers Original Cider 4.7%$8.50$13.00
Cascade Premium Light 2.6%$7.50
Victoria Bitter 4.9%$8.50
Crown Lager 4.9%$9.00
4 Pines Kolsch 4.7%$9.50
Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale 4.9%$9.50
Coopers Session Ale Can 4.2%$9.00
Colonial Kolsch Can 4.8%$9.00
Colonial Pale Ale Can 4.4%$9.00
Corona Extra 4.5%$9.50
Goose Island Session IPA 4.1%$9.50
Hoegaarden White 4.8%$9.50
Asahi Super Dry Black 5.5%$10.00
Lumber Yak Mountain Cider 4.5%$9.50
Somersby Pear Cider 4.7%$9.50
Somersby Watermelon Cider 4.0%$9.50
Cinzano Bianco (dbl)$9.00
Cinzano Rosso (dbl)$9.00
Hennessy VS$13.00
Hennessy VSOP$15.00
Hennessy XO$24.00
Metaxa 7 Brandy$9.00
Candolini Grappa Bianca$11.50
Beefeater Pink$9.00
Bombay Sapphire$10.00
Bulldog London Dry Gin$9.00
Four Pillars$10.00
Ouzo 12$9.00
Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo$12.00
Jose Cuervo 1800 Coconut$10.00
Jose Cuervo Agavero$10.00
Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado$8.50
Patron Silver$12.00
Patron XO Café$11.00
Galway Pipe$16.00
Penfolds Grandfather$20.00
Appleton V/X$9.50
Angostura Reserva$8.50
Angostura Anejo 5yo$9.00
Angostura Anejo 7yo$10.00
Angostura 1919$11.00
Bundaberg UP$8.50
Cargo Cult Spicaed$9.00
Cargo Cult Spiced Banana$9.00
Kraken Black Spiced$9.00
Stolichnaya Salted Karamel$9.00
Stolichnaya Vanil$9.00
Jack Daniels$9.00
Jim Beam$9.00
Makers Mark$11.00
Rittenhouse Rye$9.50
Southern Comfort$9.00
Wild Turkey$10.00
Canadian Club$9.50
Ardbeg 10yo Single Maltsmokey cinnamon & spiced toffee notes$12.00
Glenmorangie 10yo Original Single Maltvanilla & floral notes$11.00
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12yosultanas, orange & butterscotch notes$12.00
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruba 12yomint chocolate & walnut notes$12.00
Glenmorangie Nectar
D’Or 12yo
toasted almonds & honeycomb notes$13.00
Glenmorangie Signet 12yoroasted chocolate & mixed spices notes$22.00
Chivas Regal 12yo$10.00
Johnnie Walker Black$12.00
Johnnie Walker Blue$28.00
Johnnie Walker Red$9.00
Lagavulin 16yo Single Malt$16.00
Talisker 10yo Single Malt$12.00
Private Label Pinot GrisRiverina, NSW$8.50$38.00
Private Label Semillon Sauvignon BlancSouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
Private Label ChardonnaySouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
Private Label ShirazRiverina, NSW$8.50$38.00
Private Label Cabernet MerlotSouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
De Bortoli King Valley ProseccoKing Valley, VIC$11.00$53.00
La Riva Dei Frati Prosecco DOC TrevisoVeneto, Italy$59.00
Cockle Bay Cuvee Brut NVSouth East Australia$9.00$42.00
Chandon NVYarra Valley, VIC$12.50$60.00
Chandon NV RoseYarra Valley, VIC$12.50$60.00
Chandon S with infused orange bitters served on ice & a twist of orange peelYarra Valley, VIC$14.00$66.00
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NVEpernay, France$23.00$105.00
Veuve Clicquot Brut NVReims, France$115.00
Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial
Served over ice with lychees, strawberries
& mint
Epernay, France$115.00
Yalumba 'Christobels' MoscatoBarossa Valley, SA$11.00$53.00
Tempus Two 'Copper Series' MoscatoRiverland, SA$12.00$56.00
Pewsey Vale Vineyard RieslingEden Valley, SA$12.00$58.00
Jim Barry 'The Lodge Hill' RieslingClare Valley, SA$12.50$59.00
Lark Hill ‘Canberra District’ RieslingCanberra District, NSW$59.00
Parish 'Single Estate' RieslingCoal River Valley, TAS$63.00
Little Pebble Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$10.00$48.00
Nepenthe 'Altitude' Sauvignon BlancAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
Nautilus Estate Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$12.50$59.00
Freycinet 'Wineglass Bay' Sauvignon BlancTasmania$14.00$65.00
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$15.00$73.00
Brokenwood '8 Rows'
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Hunter Valley, NSW$11.50$56.00
Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc SemillonMargaret River, WA$12.00$58.00
Tempus Two 'Wilde' ChardonnayHunter Valley, NSW$11.50$56.00
McGuigan 'The Shortlist' ChardonnayAdelaide Hills, SA$12.00$58.00
Vasse Felix ‘Filius’ ChardonnayMargaret River, WA$13.00$62.00
Heggies ‘Vineyard Estate’ ChardonnayEden Valley, SA$67.00
Kooyong ‘Reserve’ ChardonnayMornington
Peninsula, VIC
Nepenthe 'Altitude' Pinot GrisAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
Redbank 'King Valley' Pinot GrigioKing Valley, VIC$11.50$56.00
Tiefenbrunner Pinot GrigioAlto Adige, Italy$61.00
La Vieille Ferme RoseRhone, France$10.50$50.00
La Boheme Act 2 Pinot Noir Rose YYarra Valley, VIC$11.50$56.00
Nepenthe Pinot Noir RoseAdelaide Hills, SA$12.00$58.00
Triennes RoseProvence, France$12.50$60.00
Opawa Pinot NoirMarlborough, NZ$12.50$60.00
Tarrawarra Estate Pinot NoirYarra Valley, VIC$13.00$63.00
Nepenthe ‘The Good Doctor’ Pinot NoirAdelaide Hills, SA$64.00
Mt Difficulty ‘Roaring Meg’ Pinot NoirCentral Otago, NZ$69.00
Cloudy Bay Pinot NoirMarlborough, NZ$81.00
Atzes GSMBarossa Valley, SA$12.00$58.00
Bella Riva SangioveseKing Valley, VIC$11.00$53.00
Collector 'Red Rose City' SangioveseCanberra District, NSW$61.00
Bleasdale Vineyards 'Second Innings' MalbecLanghorne Creek, SA$11.50$56.00
Catena MalbecMendoza, Argentina$62.00
Heirloom 'Adelaide Hills' TempranilloAdelaide Hills, SA$62.00
Smith & Hooper MerlotLimestone Coast, SA$11.50$56.00
Earthworks Barossa ShirazBarossa Valley, SA$10.50$49.00
De Bortoli 'Woodfired Heathcote' ShirazHeathcote, VIC$11.50$56.00
Collector 'Marked Tree' ShirazCanberra District, NSW$62.00
Dandelion ‘Lioness of McLaren Vale’
McLaren Vale, SA$13.00$62.00
Tempus Two ‘Pewter Series’ ShirazBarossa Valley, SA$69.00
McGuigan ‘Hand Made’ Limited Release
Langhorne Creek, SA$72.00
Brokenwood ‘Hunter Valley’ ShirazHunter Valley, NSW$77.00
McGuigan 'The Shortlist' Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarra, SA$11.50$56.00
De Bortoli ‘Estate Grown’ Cabernet
Yarra Valley, VIC$12.00$58.00
Vasse Felix ‘Filius’ Cabernet SauvignonMargaret River, WA$13.00$63.00
Melba ‘Reserve’ Cabernet SauvignonYarra Valley, VIC$79.00
Brokenwood ‘8 Rows’ Cabernet
Sauvignon Merlot
Gundagsai, NSW/
McLaren Vale SA
Cape Mentelle ‘Trinders’ Cabernet MerlotGundagai, NSW/
McLaren Vale, SA
Yalumba ‘The Signature’ Cabernet
Sauvignon Shiraz
Margaret River, WA$96.00
de Bortoli 'Noble One' Botrytis SemillonRiverina, NSW$15.00$65.00
Soft Drinks
Pepsi Cola$4.00
Pepsi Max$4.00
Lemon Squash$4.00
Ginger Ale$4.00
Ginger Beer$5.00
Red Bull 250ml can$6.00
Cloudy Apple$5.00
Ruby Red Grapefruit$5.00
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$6.50
S. Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Mineral Water 1 litre$10.50
Acqua Panna Natural Still Mineral Water 1 litre$10.50
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