APEROL SPRITZaperol, fee brothers orange bitters and topped with de bortoli ‘king valley’ prosecco. served in a wine glass with a sprig of mint and orange wheel$14.00
CHANDON Shandcrafted orange bitters infused sparkling wine served on ice and garnished with an orange peel$14.00
COCO-BERRYangostura 5yo rum, chambord, monin coconut, mixed berries, fresh lime juice, topped with ginger ale and shredded coconut. served tall$16.00
MY PRECIOUShendricks gin, vok esprit de figues liqueur, cloudy apple juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice. served tall with a cucumber ribbon$17.00
POLISH BEAUTYbelvedere vodka, cointreau, monin lavender syrup, cranberry & lime juice, garnished with a strawberry fan. served in a rocks glass$17.00
SPICED RASPBERRY MOJITOcargo cult spiced rum, santa marta limoncello, mint, fresh lime, gomme syrup and raspberry puree. served tall with a sprig of mint$16.00
LYCHEE OASISfour pillars gin, joseph cartron lychee, mr boston blue curacao, cloudy apple juice, lychee juice and fresh lime juice. served in a rocks glass and garnished with a lychee flower$16.00
ESPRESSO MARTINIstoli vanil vodka, kahlua, little drippa coffee and gomme syrup. served in a chilled martini glass$16.00
MANGO TANGOangostura reserva rum & joseph cartron peach verte liqueur with mango puree, apple & lime juice & sugar$16.00
BULLS EYEchambord & joseph cartron lychee
liqueur & lychee juice shaken with
muddled strawberries topped with red bull
100s + 1000sfairy floss infused vodka, cranberry juice & a squeeze of lime, served in a 100s & 1000s rimmed martini glass$16.00
WATERMELON MARTINIstolichnaya vodka & monin watermelon syrup shaken with fresh watermelon & mint$16.00
SALTED CARAMEL MARTINIstoli salted karamel vodka, licor 43, white creme de cacao with milk, pure cream, monin caramel syrup and pink murray river salt flakes$17.00
CAFÉ NEGRONIcoffee infused bulldog gin, campari and cinzano rosso. served short over ice with an orange zest twist$16.00
APRICOT DELIGHTjose cuervo reposado tequila, joseph cartron
peach liqueur, lime juice and apricot jam.
served in an old fashioned with a salt rim
DARK ‘N’ STORMYkraken black spiced rum, fresh lime & angostura bitters topped with schweppes ginger beer$16.00
LOUIS VUITTONglenmorangie 10yo whisky, disaronno amaretto, lemon juice, honey syrup and angostura bitters. served in an old fashioned with smoked almonds on the side$17.00
FORBIDDEN FRUITstolichnaya vodka, joseph cartron elderflower and apple liqueur, cloudy apple juice, lemon zest and garnished with an apple fan$16.00
SEXY TIMEvodka & wenneker peach schnapps built with fresh orange juice, cranberry juice & fresh orange chunks$29.00
REDSKINredskin infused vodka & joseph cartron fraise (strawberry) liqueur with strawberries, guava juice, lemon juice & schweppes lemonade$29.00
DIRTY DANCINGjose cuervo reposado tequila, joseph cartron lychee liqueur, cloudy apple juice, schweppes ginger ale and fresh lime$29.00
MIGHTY MOJITOangostura reserva rum built with mint, sugar & fresh limes then charged with soda water$29.00
PIMMS PUNCHpimms no1, gin & cinzano rosso mixed with fresh mint, cucumber, oranges, lemons, limes & strawberries then topped with schweppes lemonade & dry ginger ale$29.00
LAMB SOUVLAKImarinated with oregano, mint & olive oil, served with tzatziki$14.00
SALT & PEPPER CALAMARIserved with garlic & lemon dipping sauce$14.00
WEDGESserved with sour cream & sweet chilli$14.00
SPICY DEVIL CHICKEN WINGSserved with bbq sauce$14.00
TRIO OF DIPStaramasalata, olive tapenade, salmon mousse served with assorted breads$14.00
CHICKEN TENDERSserved with aioli$14.00
ANTIPASTO PLATTERtrio of dips: taramasalata, olive tapenade, salmon mousse served with assorted breads, grilled haloumi, cured meats, mixed marinated olives & gherkins$30.00
CLASSIC PLATTERsalt & pepper calamari, chicken souvlaki (6), spicy devil wings (6), lamb souvlaki (6), lemon and tzatziki dipping sauce$60.00
SIGNATURE PLATTERgrilled chorizo, popcorn chicken, mozzarella and leek arancini (6), prawn tempura (6), lamb souvlaki (6), grilled baby octopus, garlic aioli, lemon and tzatziki dipping sauce.$80.00
MARGARITAvtomato sauce, oregano with melted mozzarella cheese$20.00
HAWAIIANdouble smoked ham with pineapple$20.00
PEPPERONIspicy pepperoni, tomato, chilli & mozzarella$20.00
PRAWN & CHILLItiger prawns with chilli & spanish onion$20.00
TAVERNAham, pepperoni, chorizo, mushroom & mozzarella$20.00
CHORIZO & CHILLIchorizo sausage, cheese & a touch of chilli$20.00
SLOW ROASTED CHICKENwith bacon, homemade BBQ sauce, shallot & caramelised onion$20.00
SOUVLAKI CHICKENchicken marinated in lemon & oregano with spiced garlic yoghurt & parsley$20.00
PIZZA MARINARAking prawn, mussels & baby calamari on a rich tomato sauce with shredded mozzarella, torn basil & fried capers$20.00
PERI PERI CHICKENmarinated spicy chicken, capsicum, red onion & chilli$20.00
ROAST PUMPKIN & FETTA PIZZAvwith spinach & pine nuts$20.00
VEGETARIAN SUPREMEvroasted peppers, red onion, marinated artichokes, kalamata olives with buffalo mozzarella$20.00
Great Northern Super Crisp Lager 3.9%$7.50$11.00$21.00
Carlton Draught 4.6%$8.00$12.00$22.00
Pure Blonde 4.2%$8.00$12.00$22.00
Wild Yak Pacific Ale 4.2%$8.50$13.00$24.00
Fat Yak Pale Ale 4.7%$8.50$13.00$24.00
Coopers Pale Ale 4.5%$8.50$13.00$24.00
Goose Island Session IPA 4.1%$9.00$13.00$24.00
Stella Artois 5.0%$9.00$13.00$25.00
4 Pines Kolsch 4.7%$9.00$13.00$25.00
Asahi Super Dry 400ml 5.0%$9.50$14.00$26.00
Local Beer
Pacific Radler Lemon 2%$6.50
Cascade Premium Light 2.6%$7.00
Victoria Bitter 4.9%$8.00
Crown Lager 4.9%$8.50
Craft Beer
Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale 4.9%$9.00
Cricketers Arms Scorcher Summer Ale 4.6%$9.00
Coopers Celebration Ale 5.2%$9.00
International Beer
Budweiser 4.9%$9.00
Corona Extra 4.5%$9.00
Pacifico Clara 4.4%$9.00
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1%$9.50
Asahi Super Dry Black 5.5%$9.50
Sapporo 650ml Can 5.2%$13.00
Bulmers Original Cider 4.7%$8.50$13.00$23.00
Bulmers Pear Cider 4.7%$8.50
Somersby Blackberry Cider 4.0%$9.50
Dry Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Soda Water, Tonic
Cloudy Apple, Cranberry, Guava, Orange, Pineapple, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tomato
Schweppes Ginger Beer$5.00
Red Bull can 250ml$6.00
Sparkling ~ S. Pellegrino 1litre$10.50
Still ~ Acqua Panna 1litre$10.50
MOCKTAILFruit Punch Muddled Limes, Strawberry Puree
& Mint shaken with Cranberry, Orange
& Guava Juices plus Passionfruit Pulp
served long over ice
Ardbeg 10yo Single Maltsmokey cinnamon & spiced toffee notes$12.00
Glenmorangie 10yo Original Single Maltvanilla & floral notes$11.00
Glenmorangie Lasanta 12yosultanas, orange & butterscotch notes$12.00
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12yomint chocolate & walnut notes$12.00
Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or 12yotoasted almonds & honeycomb notes$13.00
Glenmorangie Signet 12yoroasted chocolate & mixed spices notes$22.00
Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12yo ‘Single Malt - The Valley of the Deer’$11.00
Johnnie Walker Blue ‘Blend of the rarest whiskies’$26.00
Johnnie Walker Double Black$12.00
Lagavulin16yo ‘Single Islay Malt Whiskey’$16.00
Talisker 10yo ‘Single Malt - The Isle of Skye’$13.00
Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo$12.00
Jose Cuervo 1800 Coconut$10.00
Jose Cuervo Agavero$9.00
Patron Silver$12.00
Patron XO Cafe$11.00
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey$9.00
Jack Daniels Single Barrel$13.00
Makers Mark$10.00
Southern Comfort$9.00
Wild Turkey$10.00
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked$13.00
Appleton V/X$9.50
Cargo Cult Spiced$9.00
Kraken Black Spiced$10.00
Angostura Anejo 5yo$9.00
Angostura Anejo 7yo$10.00
Angostura 1919$11.00
Stolichnaya Vodka$9.00
Stolichnaya Salted Karamel$9.00
Stolichnaya Vanil$9.00
Four Pillars$10.00
Bombay Sapphire$10.00
Bulldog London Dry$9.00
Hennessy VS$12.00
Hennessy VSOP$14.00
Hennessy XO$24.00
Galway Pipe$13.00
Penfolds Grandfather$18.00
Private Label Pinot GrisRiverina, NSW$8.50$38.00
Private Label Semillon Sauvignon BlancSouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
Private Label ChardonnaySouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
Private Label ShirazRiverina, NSW$8.50$38.00
Private Label Cabernet MerlotSouth East Australia$8.50$38.00
De Bortoli King Valley ProseccoKing Valley, VIC$11.00$53.00
Mionetto Prosecco DOC TrevisoTreviso, Italy$12.00$56.00
La Riva Dei Frati Prosecco DOC TrevisoVeneto, Italy$58.00
Cockle Bay Cuvee Brut NVSouth East Australia$8.50$39.00
Chandon NVYarra Valley, VIC$12.00$59.00
Chandon NV RoseYarra Valley, VIC$12.00$59.00
Chandon S served on ice & garnished with a twist of orange peelYarra Valley, VIC$14.00$66.00
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NVEpernay, France$98.00
Veuve Clicquot Brut NVReims, France$115.00
Yalumba 'Christobels' MoscatoBarossa Valley, SA$11.00$53.00
Tempus Two 'Copper Series' MoscatoRiverland, SA$12.00$56.00
Pewsey Vale Vineyard RieslingEden Valley, SA$11.00$53.00
Jim Barry 'The Lodge Hill' RieslingClare Valley, SA$11.50$56.00
Little Pebble Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$10.00$48.00
Nepenthe 'Altitude' Sauvignon BlancAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon BlancWairarapa, NZ$12.00$58.00
Nautilus Estate Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$59.00
Freycinet 'Wineglass Bay' Sauvignon BlancTasmania$66.00
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, NZ$15.00$73.00
Brokenwood '8 Rows' Sauvignon Blanc SemillonHunter Valley, NSW$11.00$53.00
Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc SemillonMargaret River, WA$11.50$56.00
Tempus Two 'Wilde' ChardonnayHunter Valley, NSW$11.00$53.00
McGuigan 'The Shortlist' ChardonnayAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
McWilliams 660 Reserve ChardonnayTumbarumba NSW$12.00$58.00
Hay Shed Hill 'Vineyard Series' ChardonnayMargaret River, WA$62.00
Vasse Felix 'Filius' ChardonnayMargaret River, WA$63.00
Nepenthe 'Altitude' Pinot GrisAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
Redbank 'King Valley' Pinot GrigioKing Valley, VIC$11.50$56.00
Paddy Borthwick Pinot GrisWairarapa, NZ$12.00$58.00
La Vieille Ferme RoseRhone, France$10.00$48.00
La Boheme Act 2 Pinot Noir Rose YYarra Valley, VIC$11.00$53.00
Nepenthe Pinot Noir RoseAdelaide Hills, SA$11.50$56.00
Triennes RoseProvence, France$12.00$58.00
Opawa Pinot NoirMarlborough, NZ$11.50$56.00
Tarrawarra Estate Pinot NoirYarra Valley, VIC$13.00$62.00
Barringwood Mill Block Pinot NoirTasmania$73.00
Earthworks Barossa ShirazBarossa Valley, SA$10.50$49.00
McWilliams '480' ShirazHilltops, NSW$11.00$53.00
De Bortoli 'Woodfired Heathcote' ShirazHeathcote, VIC$11.50$56.00
Collector 'Marked Tree' ShirazCanberra District, NSW$62.00
Tempus Two 'Pewter Series' ShirazBarossa Valley, SA$72.00
Brokenwood 'Hunter Valley' ShirazHunter Valley, NSW$74.00
McGuigan 'The Shortlist' Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarra, SA$11.50$56.00
De Bortoli ‘Estate Grown’ Cabernet SauvignonYarra Valley, VIC$12.00$58.00
Vasse Felix 'Filius' Cabernet SauvignonMargaret River, WA$63.00
Melba 'Reserve' Cabernet SauvignonYarra Valley, VIC$79.00
Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon 2003Barossa Valley, SA$125.00
Smith & Hooper MerlotLimestone Coast, SA$11.00$53.00
Brokenwood '8 Rows' Cabernet Sauvignon MerlotGundagai, NSW/ McLaren Vale, SA$12.00$58.00
Cape Mentelle 'Trinders' Cabernet MerlotMargaret River, WA$13.00$63.00
Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2003Barossa Valley, SA$135.00
de Bortoli 'Noble One' Botrytis SemillonRiverina, NSW$17.00$65.00
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