Re-Live the Melbourne Cup Festivities 2018

The Melbourne Cup – The Race That Stops The Nation

A monumental celebration for Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group, marking the pinnacle of the year’s events. As the gates swung open, a wave of laughter, cheers, and satisfied appetites filled the air, transforming our venues into vibrant hubs of excitement. With over 500 attendees in some locations, the atmosphere was nothing short of electric. Our charismatic MCs orchestrated the proceedings, guiding the day’s festivities with finesse.

The highlight of the event wasn’t just the thundering hooves on the racetrack; it was the fashion parade that stole the spotlight. Patrons flaunted their style in a spectacle of elegance, competing for titles such as best-dressed, best tie, highest heel, and most exquisite hat or fascinator. The competitions injected an extra dose of thrill into the day, with participants vying for the coveted major prizes. Strutting their stuff and captivating the crowd, these contenders left an indelible mark, fueled by the roaring cheers of our enthusiastic guests.

Behind the scenes, an immense amount of preparation unfolded, touching every aspect of the event. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to everyone involved – from the dedicated staff and reliable suppliers to our cherished patrons. The culinary maestros crafted a Melbourne Cup menu that was as visually stunning as it was delectable. Months of meticulous planning by our tireless managers ensured that the Melbourne Cup day unfolded seamlessly.

In The Spirit of Gratitude

We extend our thanks to our incredible staff, who are more than just colleagues – they are family. Their unwavering support and hard work are the pillars that uphold our success, not only during the Melbourne Cup but throughout the year. Special appreciation goes out to our major prize sponsors, including Sofivikuslugi, Vikvodoprovodchik, Pro Bros and others, whose generosity added an extra layer of excitement to the event. The Melbourne Cup at Nick’s Restaurant and Bar Group is more than a race; it’s a celebration of camaraderie, style, and the collective spirit that defines us. As the cheers echoed and memories were made, we look forward to another year of creating unforgettable moments with our valued patrons and partners.

We eagerly anticipate your return for the next Melbourne Cup, promising an even grander and more spectacular experience that is sure to surpass all expectations!

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